Press Release

October 17, 2011 Formula D Round 7, Irwindale Redondo Beach, CA Coming off the Top 12 finish from the previous round in Las Vegas, PM Racing was primed to do well at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, Ca. Toyota Speedway, (aka) the“House of Drift” utilizes turns 3 and 4 of the oval back, then has a quick switch back into the infield section. This year, Formula D staff revised and extended the track to create more impact on the crowd watching the event. While gearing up for the event, PM Racing crew member Chris Benison stated, “We are ready to smoke out the House of drift this weekend.” PM Racing rolled in on Thursday for set up and practice. PM Racing was ready to get back into form, qualify high, and putting on a great show. Patrick Mordaunt said, “We’re at the House of drift. I can’t wait to get onto the track and see how our 350Z handles.” Thursday practice went without a hitch. PM Racing tested the initial setup, along with making minor adjustments to tire pressure and aerodynamics. The data PM Racing gathered from practice, proved beneficial on the setup for the afternoon and night portions for the weekend. Friday qualifying started in reverse order of 2011 standings. Mordaunt started in 18th spot, to lay down two non-consecutive qualifying runs. On the first qualifying pass, Mordaunt initiated early, keeping a high line on the bank. He made a quick transition on the front clipping zone, entering into the second rear clipping zone blocked off by k-rails, which is the closest point to the judges’ stand. Mordaunt was a little shallow coming off the rear clipping zone, yet tight on the front clipping zone, which leads into the new S turn section of the new course layout. Mordaunt applied more throttle and created a plume of smoke coming from the rear tires. The judges gave a score of 61, placing Mordaunt in 29th place after the first runs were completed. Initially, the second qualifying lap was almost identical to the first run. We did have a small correction in the k-rail section and in the S-turn, resulting in a lower score then the 61 from the previous run. Once all the qualifying runs were completed PM Racing qualified in P32 for top 32 tandem battle. Attached is a link of the qualifying lap. Qualifying run In Top32, we were matched up against Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger. Hubinette’s lead run, established a big gap from the start line, but Mordaunt was able to reel in the Challenger by the k rail rear clip zone. Mordaunt stayed with Hubinette throughout the rest of the lap. Mordaunt’s lead lap started with early initiation and was smooth and fluid on the bank. Exiting the bank with more angle then Hubinette, Mordaunt had a lighting quick transition into the k-rail rear clipping zone section, keeping a wide line. Hubinette would close the gap a little by the apex of the S-turn. The win would go to Sam Hubinette. Top 32 PM Racing next event will be the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for all the support you have given us. NuMovementz- chassis setup and fabrication AIT Racing- composite aero parts OS Giken- transmission, clutch, and rear diff XXR- wheels Lucas oil-all the fluids Genius tools- tools for pit and trackside KW suspension- suspension Falken tires- 615k tires K&N filter-air and oil filters Battle Version- suspension arms Oakley- apparel BC- Engine performance parts Sparco- racing suit Stoptech- big brake Daley Visual- wrap Buddyclub- wing F&L Fuel- race fuel Synergy turbo- turbo The Nismo shop- OEM Nissan parts About PM Racing Patrick Mordaunt has been a drift enthusiast since age 12 and started drifting in amateur and ProAm competitions at age 14. He started his first full season in Formula Drift at age 17 and has demonstrated constantly increasing driver skill and ability to compete. Mordaunt is widely recognized as an up and coming driver, who will be a force in Formula Drift for years to come. At age 20, he is still the youngest full time professional driver in Formula Drift, Mordaunt is now a veteran of 3 full seasons of competition.

Formula D 2011 Schedule

Round 1: Long Beach GP Street Course - April 8 - 9

Round 2: Road Atlanta - May 6 - 7

Round 3: Palm Beach International Raceway - June 3 -4

Round 4: Wall Speedway - June 17 - 18

Round 5: Evergreen Speedway - July 22 - 2

Round 6: Las Vegas Motor Speedway - August 26 - 27

Round 7: Toyota Speedway at Irwindale - October 7 - 8