Patrick Mordaunt has been a drift enthusiast since age 12 and started drifting in amateur and ProAm competitions at age 14.  He started his first full season in Formula Drift at age 17 and has demonstrated constantly increasing driver skill and ability to compete.  At age 20, he is still the youngest full time professional driver in Formula Drift, although he is now a veteran of 3 full seasons of competition.

For the 2010 Formula Drift season, Mordaunt was a competitive force in his privately entered S14.  At mid-season, he introduced a fully race-built 350Z with the power and torque to be competitive at the highest levels of professional drifting.  Mordaunt is widely recognized as an up and coming driver who will be a force in Formula Drift for years to come.

Career highlights:


  • Youngest driver to run the full 7-event Formula Drift series
  • Finished 25th overall in the Formula Drift season points standings
  • One top 8 finish and two top 16 finishes in Formula Drift for 2010
  • Selected as one of 3 American drivers to compete in the Japanese D1GP Round 2 at Autopolis
  • Qualified in the top 32 at Round 2 of the Japanese D1GP series
  • Invited to compete in the inaugural Ken Block Gymkhana Grid Invitational


  • Youngest professional driver in Formula Drift at age 19
  • Finished 20th in Formula Drift season points total
  • 3 Top 16 finishes and one Top 8 finish
  • Teamed with Nuformz Racing for the second half of the Formula Drift season
  • Top 16 finish in World Drift Series, Tiangjin and Hangzhou, China


  • Started first full season in Formula Drift at age 17
  • Qualified in 6 of 7 rounds
  • Finished in Top 16 in round 2 with a One More Time battle against Vaughn Gittin, Jr.
  • Top 8 finish in the Formula Drift-Drifting Mexico competition, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Selected as an American driver for the World Drift Series, Hangzhou, China